Columbia’s Bicentennial Weekend warmed up with jazz Thursday evening at Rose Music Hall. Performances by the Ben Colagiovanni Quartet and the Sam Griffith Tentet filled the air with song. The Ben Colagiovanni Quartet consisted of a pianist, drummer, bassist and tenor saxophonist. Three of the members graduated from MU. “Every time you play, it’s an adventure,” […]


September 18, 2017

Choir Master Extraordinaire, Ricky Dillard RETURNS!!! Incorporating his signature grandiose approach, plus adding the right amount of empowerment, this brand new album “TEN” will instantly cements its spot as a must have classic, for your library. Numerically, “TEN” represents divine order and harmony. This album is perfectly balanced and expresses just that.

  Landing the 2012 Super Bowl meant a lot to Indianapolis. One of the lasting legacies will be the 46 for XLVI project that brought a variety of Indianapolis themed murals to the walls of the city. Saturday, July 14th was the dedication of one such mural ‘Jazz Masters of Indiana Avenue.’   While it was too hot […]

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